Software Development

Your Next Big Project - We Make It Happen

You got the idea for the next big thing but need professional support to make it happen? We are for you!

We can help you with your web and mobile applications from the very beginning of your project’s lifecycle. We will help you plan, design, implement, deploy and maintain your applications. And we will only use established, secure, open source tools to make your digital business dream a reality.

Programming languages and platforms come and go. This is why we keep an eye on the market, so you don’t have to. We will keep you up to date with a set of easy-to-use tools. And you can provide us with feedback, right from the early stages of the project.

Got Legacy?

You are not alone. Let us help you get your existing application up to date. We can help you tame your legacy monster and bring it into the new century. Our experts will analyse your software and speak with you about your plans. Based on this assessment, we will work out an action plan that fits your needs and budget.

Tech We Use

We are all about technology. Here is a short excerpt from our tech stack:

  • Java: Java 8, Spring Boot 2, Spring Data MongoDB / Neo4j / JPA

  • JavaScript: Angular 5, Vue.js, Typescript

Need more? There is more! We are crazy about REST, GraphQL, automating infrastructure, "the cloud" and much, much more.

You Are In Charge

All technology is fabulous (well, most of it). But it is nothing without your valuable feedback. We believe in Scrum and Kanban, love to have demo environments to show you the latest production-ready version of your application. So, get involved as much or as little as you want.

Contact Us

No matter whether you start a new project or need help with your existing application. Make sure to contact us via email or on Twitter!